Carl Bagge

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2014 was a year filled with many fun projects and highlights:

– Carl was very proud and honored to be able to collect a grant from SKAP (Swedish composers of popular music), of 40 000 Swedish crowns, as an acknowledgement of his contributions to Swedish music.

(This grant was given to Carl in December of 2013 at a gathering where he could not be present to receive it.)

– The Stormvarning Kick Off Concert in Vitakbergsparken for an audience of around 2000 people. Carl was the musical director and arranger for the show which included a number of great talents of the Swedish pop scene such as Sarah Riedel, Emil Svanängen, Kristin Amparo & Albin, Thomas Anderson Wij, Petra Marklund and many more. On top of this a great band consisting of besides Carl, Chris Montgomery, Peter Morén and Daniel Bingert.

– The motion picture “Gentlemen” was one of the biggest movies released this year where Carl had the privilege to be participating as the hand double for the leading role played by David Dencik. A character who plays jazz piano. Carl also plays piano and arranged for strings on the soundtrack, composed by Jonas Kullhammar and Mattias Bärjed.

– Isabella Lundgren released her long waited album “Somehow Life Got In The Way”, produced by Peter Asplund with arrangements by Mats Hålling for Nordiska Kammarorkestern with the guest soloist Joakim Milder, Dicken Hedrenius and Robert Nordmark. Carl is the pianist and co-writer along with Isabella on the song ”Eudaimonia”.

– Isabella Lundgren & Carl Bagge Trio made many performances including The Ystad International Jazz Festival, Stockholm Jazz Fest, both broadcasted in Swedish Radio, P2.

– In September the Blue House Orchestra under the direction of Magnus Lindgren and Peter Asplund celebrated Antonio Carlos Jobim in the Concert Hall of Stockholm. The legend and drum master Paulo Braga, who was the drummer of Jobim, Elis Regina and many more inventors and masters of Brazilian Music, participated at this magnificent concert along with the chamber orchestra Dalasinfoniettan and an all star rhythm section. The soloists were Thiagu Gentil, Simone Moreno and Miriam Aida. Carl was the piano player and also arranger of one of the songs.

– Tommy Körberg, a singer who for Swedes needs no introduction, released an album for Christmas, where he handpicked songwriters, writers and arrangers to work with a rhythm section consisting of some of the most experienced players of Sweden, and one from Denmark: Jonas Östholm, Lars Danielsson, Morten Lund and Jojje Wadenius. The team then added arrangements performed by the Norrköping Symphonic Orchestra. Carl arranged two of the songs for this very special album.

– Carl is proud to be reoccurring as a pianist for Norrbotten Big Band, where he has collaborated with Caecile Norrby, Lars Danielsson, Lisa Nilsson and Cecilia Persson during this year, to name a few, aswell as the arranger for one of the songs for the concert with Lisa Nilsson.

– Along with the friend and musical colleague Per Ekdahl, Carl started up a brand new big band the fall of 2014. This band has had three performances at the Scala Theatre in Stockholm, where they are contracted to return once every month. For this great constellation of musicians they gave concerts with the extraordinary singers Simone Moreno, Anders Von Hofsten, Magnus Carlson, Hayati Kafé, Isabella Lundgren and Svante Thuresson.

– With Svante Thuresson, Carl was the pianist and musical director of a concert at the main stage of Skansen in Stockholm called Solliden a rainy afternoon in July. At this performance Svante returned to a material from one iconic album of his where he worked with lyrics of Beppe Wolgers on tunes mainly from the american song book, and beautifully arranged for an octet.
On this show, in July, the band consisted of Max Schultz, Chris Montgomery, Martin Höper, Per “Ruskträsk” Johansson, Per “Texas” Johansson, Nils Janson, Peter Dahlgren, Svante, and Carl Bagge.



Carl Bagge has during more than ten years of profession increasingly contributed to the Swedish music scene and parts of the international one, in various musical idioms. His experience covers a wide range of varieties including jazz in all it´s forms, arranging for strings and orchestras aswell as playing keyboards with artists like Robyn, Anne Sofie von Otter and Edda Magnason.

Years 2005–2013:
Since 2005 and up to present Carl has performed at music festivals and venues in the United States, Asia, South America, Australia, Canada and Europe performing with prominent musicians and groups such as Robyn, Elisabeth Kontomanou, Magnus Carlson & The Moon Ray Quintet, Fredrik Norén Band just to name a few.
Among the international jazz festival performances were the Umeå Jazz Festival and Stockholm Jazz Festivals in Sweden, Pori Jazz Festival in Finland, Jak Jazz in Indonesia, Santiago Jazz Festival and the Concepcion Jazz Festival in Chile.
Carl was a band member of Robyn between 2008-2009 touring The United States, Australia, Canada and Europe. Performances during these years include The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, The Grand Ballroom and the David Letterman Show in New York City besides performances on various festivals in Europe and The United States during the year of 2008.
Carl has also written the string arrangements to a number of Robyn´s songs, i.e. ”With Every Heartbeat” which song was listed as number one on the English charts in 2007. That particular arrangement was played when Robyn gave a live performance at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in 2009.
For Robyn’s album ”Bodytalk vol 2” in 2010 Carl wrote the string arrangement for her song ”Indestructible” performed with voice and strings exclusively.

During 2013 Carl began a close collaboration with a very talented singer who was pretty new to the scene, Isabella Lundgren. Along with Isabella, Carl put together a new trio consisting of drummer Daniel Fredriksson, bassist Kenji Rabson and himself. The group has toured Sweden during 2013 and met great success and strong reactions from the audience. Isabella and the trio are planning to record a new album this coming spring.

Carl also participated as a pianist on an evening with the music from the motion picture ”Monica Z”/”Waltz for Monica” at the Concert Hall of Stockholm along with the brilliant singer and actor Edda Magnason, and under the musical direction of Peter Nordahl.

During the Umeå International Jazz Festival in October Carl was the musical director and pianist for the 2013 edition of ”My kind of Jazz” which is a yearly concert with composers and singer-songwriters connected to Umeå, where they put their music in a jazz context to do something new. The show was broadcasted by the Swedish radio.

In December Carl was chosen as one of a very grateful and honored selection of composers to be awarded a grant from SKAP (Swedish collaboration of composers of popular music) for his work.

Recent years:
In the autumn of 2010 Carl was the musical director and musical arranger of the play ”Aniara” which was staged at the Stockholms Stadsteater (Stockholm City Theatre) in Stockholm with opening date October 21st, 2010. The music was composed by Andreas Kleerup.
The show was based upon the famous collection of poems ”Aniara” written by the swedish author Harry Martinsson and was first published in 1956. (Harry Martinsson received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1974.)
The musical interpretation of Harry Martinsson´s epic Aniara in 2010 attracted much media attention and Aniara came to be one of the biggest show productions in Stockholm that year. More information about Carl´s work this production is to be found further down.

In early 2012 Carl and Andreas completed the album release from Aniara on EMI. A fifty minute long documentary about the making of this album was later shown on Swedish Television. The film was produced by Scorpius Film and My Lindberg.

The Aniara album was nominated a Grammis, in December 2012, which is the biggest music award in Sweden. The album was nominated in the classical field.

Looking back on 2013 one of many jazz projects brought Carl to to Japan for the second time. In September the Swedish collective ”Rasmus Faber Platina Jazz” went on tour in Japan with their fourth release. All four albums of this collective are with songs from animee films and Japanese TV shows, on which Carl has been one of the arrangers besides playing keys. This idea of interpreting Japanese songs and themes from films and TV into Japanese/Swedish jazz standards has been a thrill every year, both in the studio and on tour. Do have a listen to some of the results on this site!

In mid August 2012 Carl was the musical director for the opening show on the Stockholms Kulturfestival. The show was the celebration of the most important comedy-duo in Swedish history, Hasseåtage. These two gentlemen were extremely popular for a number of cabaret shows during the 60s and 70s, but are just as much remembered for their views on politics and injustices in the world. They are both very influental as writers and film makers in Sweden. This show took place on the main stage of the festival, for an audience of more than 10 000 people gathered outside the Stockholm Opera House, and featured the singers Svante Thuresson, Lill Lindfors, Steven Simmonds, pianist Monica Dominique, comedian Per Andersson, among others.

On the same stage the same week, the 17th of August, Carl performed on another great show taking up the tradition of crooners. The three singers for this fabulous summer night was Magnus Carlson, Freddie Wadling and Lars Cleveman. Carl wrote the arrangements for the 12 piece band aswell as playing piano.

More about Carl Bagge
During parts of 2007 Carl toured France and Germany with the highly prominent jazz singer Elisabeth Kontomanou from France. Together with her band consisting of jazz musicians from the United States, France and Sweden they played various locations such as venues in Troix, Albertville, Cologne, Nuremberg ad the prestigious ”Casino de Paris” as well as the Jazz Club ”Sunset” in Paris.

Carl participated in six album releases in 2010.
Among them as an arranger of japanese film themes on a jazz record; ”Animee Standards vol 2”.
As a piano player with Magnus Carlson & The Moon Ray Quintet; ”Echoes” (nominee to Grammis) and with Anna Järvinen on the album Sonja Akesson ”Tolkad Av” (receiver of Grammis and Citypriset).
As string arranger on three tracks on the ”Bodytalk” trilogy by Robyn (US Grammy nominated and reciever of the Swedish Grammis).

In 2007:
Carl Bagge was selected as one of four young pianists to audit for one of the highest educational programs in the world in jazz; The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance, artistically led by the master trumpeter and composer of music of many great films, Terence Blanchard, located in New Orleans at the time.
Members of the jury, with which Carl had the opportunity to meet and play for, were jazz giants Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, T.S. Monk and Terence Blanchard.

More about the Aniara show
During the fall of 2010 Carl was the musical director and musical arranger of the theatre play ”Aniara” under the direction of Lars Rudolphson. Aniara, originally written in 1956, is a groundbreaking science fiction story of mankind´s destructive way of living in the modern world.
In the fall of 2010 Aniara  was the anniversary special when Stockholm´s Stadsteater (Stockholm City Theatre) celebrated 50 years as a theatre. The play was a success among critics and sold out its 30 000 tickets only in a few weeks.
Carl´s task as musical director was to be ultimately responsible for the quality and well functioning of the music which included rehearsing with actors and singers and also to compose and arrange parts of the score for a double string quartet, that at each performance was playing on stage. The music was composed by Andreas Kleerup and the song numbers starred Helen Sjoholm.
The opera critic and editor of the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, Bo Lofvendal, writes in his review: ”Carl Bagge has written fine arrangements for string ensemble and percussion, where long sections sometimes reminds of Arvo Pärt”. (translation from Swedish)

Carl has toured concert halls in Scandinavia with the Glenn Miller Orchestra of Sweden playing swing jazz.
He was during four years selected as Chairman of the Board of The Organisation of Swedish Jazz Musicians (”Foreningen Sveriges Jazzmusiker”) between the years 2003–2007.
In 2006 Carl was a member of special reference group at the jazz club Fasching in Stockholm in order to discuss new ideas.
When the great American jazz pianist Steve Kuhn visited Stockholm in 2005 Carl initiated a clinic with him in collaboration with SAMI (Swedish Artists and Musicians Organized).
Upon his homecoming from New York City in 2009, Carl paricipated as a guest artist on saxophone player and composer Nils Berg´s ground breaking project ”Cinemascope”, on their first CD/DVD.
Carl also made some shows with the singer Jelena Jangfeldt-Jakubovitch where he got the chance to perform with one of the foremost accordion players in the world, Lelo Nika, which was a great honour.

Carl has played with the prominent big bands of Sweden: Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Norrbotten Big Band and Blue House Jazz Orchestra.

In 2012 Carl participated as pianist in the music making for the documentary ”Palme” and the Swedish TV-show ”Coacherna” for SVT.

Personal background
Carl was born in Stockholm in December 1980. Artistic legacys derives from both parents, mother being a graphic designer and his father who devoted all his life to music.
Carl´s way into music was at early age encouraged by his father who was the pianist and musical director Lars Bagge who worked frequently with swedish artists, and icons in music and film, Monica Zetterlund and ”Hasse-and-Tage” during his 45 year long career.
Carl started taking lessons in trumpet at the age of six and piano lessons at the age of eight.
He and his fellow students in high school often played at the famed jazz club Fasching in Stockholm as supporting acts for various Swedish and international jazz artists.

Sholarships and awards:

2005: Balticgruppen, 25 000 kr, awarded at the Umea International Jazzfestival
2006: Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien, 10 000 kr
2006: Sandrews, Tore Browalds stipendium, 30 000 kr
2006: Sandviken Big Bands Stipendium, 10 000 kr
2007: Byggnads Kulturstipendium, 10 000 kr
2008: Helge Ax:son Johnson, for private studies in New York City, 20 000 kr
2008: Konstnarsnämnden, 50 000 kr
2009: Margit & Tobis Stipendium (SAMI) 25 000 kr
2010: Konstnärsnämnden, 50 000 kr
2010: Konstnärsnämnden, some medlem i Karl Frid ”People in every direction”, 15 000 kr
2012: Konstnärsnömnden, 50 000 kr

2013: SKAP, 40 000 kr

In May 2006 Carl held his recital from The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.