Happy New Year!

2014 was a year filled with many fun projects and highlights:

– The Stormvarning Kick Off Concert in Vitakbergsparken for an audience of around 2000 people. Carl was the musical director and arranger for the show which included a number of great talents of the Swedish pop scene such as Sarah Riedel, Emil Svanängen, Kristin Amparo & Albin, Thomas Anderson Wij, Petra Marklund and many more. On top of this a great band consisting of besides Carl, Chris Montgomery, Peter Morén and Daniel Bingert.

– The motion picture “Gentlemen” was one of the biggest movies released this year where Carl had the privilege to be participating as the hand double for the leading role played by David Dencik. A character who plays jazz piano. Carl also plays piano and arranged for strings on the soundtrack, composed by Jonas Kullhammar and Mattias Bärjed.

– Isabella Lundgren released her long waited album “Somehow Life Got In The Way”, produced by Peter Asplund with arrangements by Mats Hålling for Nordiska Kammarorkestern with the guest soloist Joakim Milder, Dicken Hedrenius and Robert Nordmark. Carl is the pianist and co-writer along with Isabella on the song ”Eudaimonia”.

– Isabella Lundgren & Carl Bagge Trio made many performances including The Ystad International Jazz Festival, Stockholm Jazz Fest, both broadcasted in Swedish Radio, P2.

– In September the Blue House Orchestra under the direction of Magnus Lindgren and Peter Asplund celebrated Antonio Carlos Jobim in the Concert Hall of Stockholm. The legend and drum master Paulo Braga, who was the drummer of Jobim, Elis Regina and many more inventors and masters of Brazilian Music, participated at this magnificent concert along with the chamber orchestra Dalasinfoniettan and an all star rhythm section. The soloists were Thiagu Gentil, Simone Moreno and Miriam Aida. Carl was the piano player and also arranger of one of the songs.

– Tommy Körberg, a singer who for Swedes needs no introduction, released an album for Christmas, where he handpicked songwriters, writers and arrangers to work with a rhythm section consisting of some of the most experienced players of Sweden, and one from Denmark: Jonas Östholm, Lars Danielsson, Morten Lund and Jojje Wadenius. The team then added arrangements performed by the Norrköping Symphonic Orchestra. Carl arranged two of the songs for this very special album.

– Carl is proud to be reoccurring as a pianist for Norrbotten Big Band, where he has collaborated with Caecile Norrby, Lars Danielsson, Lisa Nilsson and Cecilia Persson during this year, to name a few, aswell as the arranger for one of the songs for the concert with Lisa Nilsson.

– Along with the friend and musical colleague Per Ekdahl, Carl started up a brand new big band the fall of 2014. This band has had three performances at the Scala Theatre in Stockholm, where they are contracted to return once every month. For this great constellation of musicians they gave concerts with the extraordinary singers Simone Moreno, Anders Von Hofsten, Magnus Carlson, Hayati Kafé, Isabella Lundgren and Svante Thuresson.

– With Svante Thuresson, Carl was the pianist and musical director of a concert at the main stage of Skansen in Stockholm called Solliden a rainy afternoon in July. At this performance Svante returned to a material from one iconic album of his where he worked with lyrics of Beppe Wolgers on tunes mainly from the american song book, and beautifully arranged for an octet.
On this show, in July, the band consisted of Max Schultz, Chris Montgomery, Martin Höper, Per “Ruskträsk” Johansson, Per “Texas” Johansson, Nils Janson, Peter Dahlgren, Svante, and Carl Bagge.